Chicago Auto Show

One of my favorite things to do in this world is to travel worldwide and visit different Auto Shows. This one doesn’t require too much travel though as it’s pretty close to where I am from. It is hosted at the McCormick Place Complex, and it is HUGE. This was honestly the best Auto Show I have ever attended, I have been back several times over the years and I never tire of it. If you ever happen to be in Chicago around the time of the auto show I could not recommend it more. Get there.

The day

I was only able to go for one day the last time I went, I had to rush around a little bit but overall there was still plenty of time to see what I wanted to see. I would recommend maybe making it a two-day thing if you are spending a bit of time in the area. I had breakfast at a little cafe before I headed in and I was there when the doors opened. There is so much to see it really is a great place to be. If you are a car lover you must get there at least once in your life. I got to see all my favourites and they had a large number of different concept cars there to see as well. I really enjoyed seeing the new concept model for the Toyota Supra. That car has always been a bit of a guilty pleasure for me and it was really interesting to see the direction they are going with the 2019 model.

I was able to do quite a few different test drives throughout the day, I think I was pretty lucky with how many activities I managed to fit in considering my limited time frame at the show. The cars that really surprized me were the electric ones, especially the new 2018 Chrysler Pacific Hybrid. For an electric car, it really opened my eyes and I think we really need to focus on moving to a more renewable source of fuel for our cars looking forward. This might sound a bit silly coming from a self-confessed rev head, however, the environment needs all the help it would get.

One of my other favorites at the show

Even with that being said, my favorite part was still seeing the new Ford Mustang, oh my that thing is a beauty it is so powerful and so sleek, but it also presents an element of just brute force. I am in love. 

There we go, that’s just a small write up of a great day I had at the Chicago show, I could go on forever but we all have things to do!