Weclome to the best car blog

Hey everyone, I’m Danny Nichols you can read about me a bit in the about page but I just wanted the first post to be a bit of an introduction to what I am about and also what this website is about.

My Loves

I just love cars, plain and simple. I’m crazy about them and they have been my passion since I was a young lad. Small cars, big cars, any sort of car. I may sometimes show a bit of favoritism to some bigger V8’s but that is just because I race them on weekends when I’m not at work in my Mechanic Shop.

The Blog

This blog has come about because I just wanted somewhere to write about my love of cars. I can provide the best information around about different cars and the reason the blog is named carinsurancenet is because if you are armed with the knowledge you get from here, your insurance price will plummet! (Just a little joke, the domain was cheap).

That is about all I need to say here if you guys have any question you can contact me through the about page.